I was speaking to a Business Development Manager today ..I asked him if telemarketing is something he might consider to help build his lead pipeline and his response was rather interesting.

He said” We don’t sell flowers….we sell virtual hosting solutions and I don’t think it would work’ Our services are too expensive for a telemarketing campaign ” or words to that effect.

I don’t want to sell his products on the phone, I want to offer the decision maker the opportunity to meet a knowledgable and effect communicator who can deliver IT solutions to help him run his company more efficiently.

It doesn’t matter what you sell….your products are a solution to a problem ( hopefully). My job is to find companies who have a problem and get you a meeting to go and help solve it.  Catch my drift ? So if you supply flowers or high end IT solutions I help you develope and fill your lead pipeline. Call 01827 302848 to find out more or visit our website www.totalrecallbusiness.co.uk