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Telemarketing – Appointment Setting – Lead Generation – Data Cleansing – List Creation

Telemarketing provides a unique opportunity to engage directly with potential customers. It allows for real-time interaction, enabling personalized communication that can build stronger relationships and trust

Immediate Feedback

One of the significant advantages of telemarketing is the ability to receive immediate feedback. This real-time data can help you quickly adapt your strategies, refine your messaging, and respond to customer needs more effectively

Lead Generation and Qualification

Our expert telemarketing team excels at identifying and qualifying leads. By reaching out to potential customers, we can assess their interest and readiness to buy, ensuring your sales team focuses on high-quality prospects

Personalised Approach

In a world where personalization is key, telemarketing allows for tailored conversations. We adapt our approach to meet the specific needs and preferences of each customer, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Scalibilty and Flexibilty

Whether you need to scale up for a major campaign or focus on a specific niche market, telemarketing offers the flexibility to adjust your strategy as needed. Our services are designed to grow with your business.



Lead Generation

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What Our Customers Say!

We outsourced our lead generation and telemarketing activities to Susann and Total Recall Business Services in November 2013. Since this time, Susann has really embedded herself within our business and we have been really impressed with the results. Susann is dedicated and committed to the task at hand and brings a refreshing approach to telemarketing that is innovative and delivers results. I have no hesitation in recommending Susann to any business looking to grow and increase sales.

Andrew Penlington

1stFirst degree connection | Former Joint Managing Director of Microtrading and Regional Director at Air IT. Andrew was Susann’s client.

I have been outsourcing telemarketing campaigns to Total Recall for over 18 months. Susann has delivered quality meetings in line with the client’s brief. She get’s on very well with clients, who like her professional approach and experience. Her company is now on my preferred supplier list.

Malcolm Ware

Ware B2B Sales Leads

I worked with Susann for almost ten years during which time she has been an extremely professional and competent telemarketer. However more than that she has a genuine interest in the overall success of the marketing function regularly making suggestions and recommendations to help in a variety of ways.

Steve Butler

Senior Partner at Haines Watts Chartered Accountants, 1stFirst degree connection

Susann was asked to contact senior directors within medium to large companies in the Uk to generate a lead pipeline and meetings for our software business. She generated some excellent meetings with the type of companies that we are looking for and some are close to turning into orders.


Managing Director, European software developer

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