There will be times, when you are on the phone, something makes you start to giggle. It could be that someone has a funny sounding name, or a colleague has heard you and started laughing, and before you know it has set you off.

It is a  horrible event !  you are doing your level best to maintain your composure, but the moment you ask ….” is that Mr Sillyface ?”  or some other unusual  name, the feeling that you just want started giggling keeps coming and the more you try to stop, the worse it gets.

So what do you do if that slightly odd feeling  starts coming over you and you know you might start laughing… are my top tips to avoid embarrassment…..

  • When  you are asking for the person by  a  funny sounding name or whatever it is, don’t make eye contact with anyone – ever.
  • Ask if you can call him by by his first name ?
  • Breathe deeply and try to think of something else preferably something sad
  • If the worse comes to the worse…hang up, just hang up. You can always call back when your composure returns and make an excuse like you dropped the phone.

If you have had embarrassing phone moments, I would love to here about them. If you don’t want any embarrassing moments and want some one else to do the calling for you, then visit