I recently watched a film called The Secret. Very interesting and fascinating viewing. It did get me thinking…. how many times do we assume that something bad is going to happen and then eventually it does ?

I can be as negative as the next person… sometimes when I am calling prospects, for no reason I start thinking that when I get through I am going to get a telling off or the prospect is going to hang up on me, and very occasionally  that  happens, more often than not though, the lady or gentleman on the other end are perfectly nice and pleasant.

Sometimes the sound of my voice is the sound of someone who could help them. If I am calling for one of my IT clients or one of my accountancy clients, I am the person who is introducing a potential solution to the challenges the prospect is facing.

Do you see where I am going with this ? Don’t assume that every person you call is going to think you are a nuisance cold caller…..often you are the provider of a solution and the sound of your voice will be music to their ears.