The legal requirements, exporting, recruiting staff, different languages, cultural behaviors, and differences are all challenges that need to be overcome…. but before any of this, the very first question you should be asking your self is …. how will I get my customers?

The obvious answers will be networking, social media such as Linkedin, trade shows, and contacting the people you want to do business with – face to face…… virtually or by phone.

So, linking to people on social media, like Twitter or Linkedin is straight forward. If people post in their own languages, the platform will translate the post for you into any language you wish….

But, picking up the phone yourself and calling them to introduce yourself and your company is a different proposition. What if they do not speak my language and I cannot make myself understood? what about time zones? how do people in different countries want to be addressed…? Do I use first names, or should I be more formal?

Telemarketing overseas is easier than it used to be….so here are a few tips and ideas to help you get started.

  • Check with your phone provider regarding overseas calls and the costs.
  • Have a World Clock open on your device so you can see what time it is in Nova Scotia or where it is you are calling……
  • Most large companies in Europe use English when doing business. If they are having a meeting with people from other countries, mostly they use English as a common language as often English is taught at school.
  • It is a polite thing to do to learn the phrase “do you speak English “in +a say half a dozen different languages.
  • When speaking to a decision maker for the first time, it is worth playing safe and addressing them as Mr. or Ms. and then ask if you can call them by their first name….
  • The larger companies will have language choices when you call. Press 1 for German Press 2 for English that sort of thing.

It will not be the same everywhere, but in my experience of making overseas telemarketing calls, it is a lot less daunting than people think it is. So, get yourself a list of companies, a brief introduction script, pick up the phone and start making some over seas calls

Good luck and Auf Weidersehen !!