Most people hate the idea of picking up the phone and hoping to get through to a complete stranger. It is daunting, and after making a few calls without much success, most people will give up. Picking up the phone is an instant way to get through to the people you want to work with. When you you get through to them, you will find out straight away whether they are interested in what you have to offer or not.

If you sell products, like office supplies, nuts and bolts, industrial consumables etc…  you could go and cold canvass them.

Again another tradtional way of generating leads…for instance –  if you sell office supplies and  your customer is on an industrial estate, arrange to go and see your customer and then go and “drop in ” to other companies on the same estate, see if you can speak to a potential contact, leave them with some information and then follow with an email or a call when you get back to the office,

I have done this before with mixed results…. often receptions no longer have any one sitting at the desks or even worse the front doors are locked and you have to ring a bell and hope some one answers. You get told to leave your information on the step or post it through the letter box and they will “pass it on the to the relevant person” … often you get back to the office with a few hastily scribbled notes, some compliment slips, business cards and a feeling of not having achieved very much,

But, with some proper organisation, you can turn a miserable cold canvassing day, into a happy warm calling day, where you have a much better chance of meeting decision makers, you know who you are going to see, where they are based, what they do, their linkedin address, email address and if it is done properly, they will come out of thier offices or off the shop floor to come and see you in reception because you have something for them….

You can do this yourself, but what would it be like if some did this for you… you go off in the mornng to go and see a handful of great companes, who have been researched and verified, that have been sent an explainer video letting thm know who you are and why you dropping in to see them… All the research has been done for you, you just spread your  sales message and then do the follow up calls and visits….and start building your lead pipline… and get those sales on.

Visit the Prospect Manager page on this website and find out how it is all done